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In early 2004, I discovered a new form of treatment to this country called Scenar, invented by Russian doctors and scientists in the late 1970’s for the Russian Space Program. I was one of the first therapists in Australia to become involved with Scenar Therapy and went on to do advanced studies to become a Certified Scenar Practitioner.

By combining these two forms of treatment, Myoenergy™ Therapy, I am now able to successfully treat illness and disease as well as chronic pain and injury.

With any stress, pain, injury, illness or disease, the sympathetic nervous system (the fight and flight) is switched on or over stimulated and the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest, recovery, healing, and rejuvenation) is switched off or under stimulated. As a result of the imbalance in the nervous system, all systems in the body become dysfunctional.

Using Scenar Therapy you can restore balance in the nervous system and achieve change almost immediately, by clearing blockages and stimulating the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system to work in harmony. By doing so, the brain can then recognise the problems and bring function back to a dysfunctional body to heal itself. Using Myotherapy (SLM), you are then able to properly release, change and heal the problems and imbalances to the muscular system, which was sometimes impossible to do with a totally dysfunctional body, prior to clearing these blockages with Scenar.

Now with Myoenergy™ Therapy I am able to achieve so much more too totally heal the body than I could have done with just Myotherapy (SLM) or Scenartherapy alone.

I am extremely passionate about my work and I find it very rewarding to be able to help people and make positive changes to their lives on a daily basis.

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I have been an SLM Myotherapy Practitioner for many years now and originally did my studies and training with Steve Lockhart at the SLM school of Myotherapy and also at Nature Care College in Sydney.

I later studied advanced Myotherapy (SLM) techniques as well as acupressure and trigger point therapies. I have used these advanced techniques for many years with great success from normal everyday people to elite athletes and famous sports people.

Some which have had major injuries or very chronic and painful conditions which other forms of treatment were unable to help or cure… I have always found this advanced form of bodywork to be the fastest, most effective treatment for acute and very chronic conditions as well as all sports injuries.

About Phill Hanney

As a result of the acupressure and deep tissue therapy that Phill specialises in, he was able to balance my body and relieve my pain in just one treatment and put me back in the game!! I was absolutely amazed at the lasting affects that this treatment gave me!!

You are simply the best Phill, thanks for your magic hands.

Natalie Cook, Olympic Gold Medalist

Being an Olympic swimmer I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different therapists. Phill’s healing hands certainly rank his myotherapy techniques at the very highest of treatments I’ve ever received. I’ve left each appointment feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and certainly much more relaxed and recovered!
Phill has helped me get through stressful periods such as moving house, whilst still maintaining top physical form for training!
Thanks Phill!

Michelle Engelsman, Olympic swimmer
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Myoenergy™ Therapy was founded by Phillip Hanney in 2004 and is Registered and Trademarked.
Myoenergy™ Therapy is pain free health and wellbeing